Tim Weaver


Prior to joining the staff at Cypress Bible Church, I spent 34 years of performing various supply chain managerial functions throughout Texas and Oklahoma in the Oil and Gas and Petrochemical industry. Confirming God’s call to the ministry, I began serving Him full time in April 2014.

I have a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree from the University of Texas of the Permian Basin and a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies from the Grace School of Theology seminary.  My wife Cathy and I have one son and one daughter. Both are married, and we are blessed with seven grandchildren – six boys and one girl, all of which live in the Cypress and Tomball area.


More About Tim:

What was your most awkward moment that was witnessed by others?

During my first date with Cathy in High School, I spilled a glass of tea on her lap. Spilling tea or knocking over a drink continued as my future Mother-in-Law would remove her best table cloth and replace it with plastic. The practice of knocking something over each week continues.

Pool, beach, lake, river, or waterpark?

Cathy and I love to fresh water fish – give us most any lake in Texas and we are happy. Although I have researched the spanning tendencies of black bass and I have all the fishing equipment required, Cathy continues to catch the biggest fish.

Did you have more trouble learning how to ride a bike, ski, or drive a car and why?

Water skiing (slalom) continues to be the most difficult. Although through the years – many question my ability to drive a vehicle. Some men in the Houston Go – Men’s trip as they were in my vehicle, said a few extra prayers.