This sermon is presented by William Brown for the 2017 Go Conference.



SERMON TITLE: Limited Engagement

GUEST SPEAKER: William Brown


This sermon is presented by William Brown for the 2017 Go Conference.


What comes to mind when you hear engaging in the mission of God?


What does Luke seem to emphasize as Jesus begins His ministry in verses 1, 14 and 18 of chapter 4?

Vs. 18 - How does what Jesus says differ from the text he is quoting, Isaiah 61?

Vs. 19 - Describe the year of jubilee according to Leviticus 25:8-13, 50-54

Vs 25 and 26 - 1 Kings 17:8-24 recounts the story of Elijah and the widow. Is there any indication why God sent Elijah to this woman?

Vs. 27 – 2 Kings 5:1-15 recounts the story of the healing of Naaman. How does Naaman react?

Vs.28-29 – Why was the crowd angry? 


What would mission fueled by the Holy Spirit look like in your life?

What are the obstacles for the American church to engage in Jesus mission? What are your own obstacles? Lack of time? Energy? Indifference? Lack of know-how?

What step or steps could you take this week to overcome those obstacles?

Ethnocentrism has blinded God’s people throughout history to joining Him in His mission. In what ways has ethnocentrism kept you from doing His will? Who do you have in your life pointing out your blind spots?

Fact: What is a key truth you understood from this passage?

React: What did you feel?

Act: What are you going to do? 


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