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SERIES TITLE: Just One Thing

TEXT: Luke 10:38-42


  • Notice how the focus of the story’s ‘camera’ alternates back and forth from Martha to Mary, Martha to Mary, throughout this short but meaningful true story.  Clearly a comparison is intended by this literary artistry.  Which sister are you most often like?
  • Some people comment about this event, “Well, let’s not be overly critical of Martha.  After all, somebody needed to prepare the meal for all those guests!”  How do you respond?
  • Ultimately, Jesus tenderly but clearly rebukes Martha.  In what way have you ever experienced the Lord’s intimate, focused rebuke to your own heart?
  • The author, Luke, does not tell us Martha’s response at all.  What might have been his purpose in closing off the narrative that way for us readers centuries later?
  • In the story, Mary is spoken about but never spoken to.  Also she says nothing. Why do you think it is that Mary has no recorded words in this dramatic scene?
  • Of course, Jesus ultimately strongly affirms Mary’s decision and action.  Which words in his affirmation in verses 41, 42 (“necessary”  “good/best part”  “not taken away”) stands out most to you as a motivation for active listening to Jesus?
  • Are there ways in which re-considering this familiar story has motivated you to fresh dedication to stillness and attentiveness in God’s presence?  How?
  • What ways or methods of attending to Jesus’ words (through Scripture reading, meditation, prayer and other things) have you found to be most helpful to you personally?  Could you tell others how they might also try their own version of what you’ve benefited from?

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