CBI was founded as a means for disciples to receive instruction in seminary level material so that they might have tools and skills to serve the Lord in their ministry context.

You have the opportunity to experience seminary level classes online and at your own pace. Registration and commitment required.  Each class has 12 sessions.  The classes are free. 

  1. BH101 (Introduction to Bible and Hermeneutics): This course begins with a survey of how the Bible came together and the canon of Scripture.  Then it moves into a more intensive study of understanding the Bible in context through observation, interpretation, correlation, and application.  This class is the only prerequisite for all other classes; other courses may be taken in any order.
  1. OT101 (Old Testament Narratives): This course will focus on interpretive issues for interpreting the genre of Bible narratives in the Old Testament.  The students will be taken through the book of Genesis, and will also be exposed to extra-Biblical texts that support Genesis.

There are recommended books for each of the classes, purchase optional.

Contact Jeremy Little at if you have questions or are ready to get started.

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