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Each of us have unique places where we live, work, take our kids, etc. that we call our “sphere of influence.” As believers, we are to take the good news of Jesus to the people in those areas of our lives. When we talk about personally reaching out, all sorts of reasoning and fears come to mind. However, it’s what Jesus told us to do and what those in our world need.  At times, we can make outreach too complex, thinking we need to have our lives totally together, have the gift of evangelism, and be filled with impressive biblical knowledge. But it’s really pretty simple.  Intentionally build meaningful relationships with those who don’t know Christ.Take the message into those relationships, listen to their story and share your story.Pray for, and take hold of “crossroads” opportunities to share the good news of Jesus. Toward that end, our outreach team wants to challenge, encourage, and give you the tools to take God-sized risks and impact the people you know with the Gospel message. 

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 Tony Svendsen

 Outreach Pastor



Apartment Life places CARES Teams in the role of local missionaries in apartment complexes. The CARES program is a community building and resident retention program that provides business value to the apartment industry while partnering with the local church to make a lasting difference in the lives of apartment residents. Our teams of missionaries are radically changing lives in apartment communities by making Christ known.


For more information about joining the movement including FREE RENT, contact Tony.