Gabriel Santisteban

My first pastorate was in Cuba where I served from 1997 until 2003 when I came to the United States. In 2006 I was called by Iglesia Bautista Ebenezer where I was until my move to Cypress Bible Church in 2009. The emphasis of my ministry is the careful study and verse by verse exposition of the Bible, with special attention to the historical and grammatical background behind each passage. I got a bachelor degree from a Theological Seminary in Cuba.

My wife Adriana Podio is a Medical Doctor Specialist graduate from “La Universidad de Oriente” in Cuba. We have two beautiful kids; our daughter is a junior in High School and our son is a fifth grader.


More About Gabriel:

Which Biblical character do you identify with most and why?

My favorite Bible character is Joseph. He was faithful to God and persevered through some very difficult circumstances. He overcame all the challenges of life, opposition, and temptations he faced. Joseph's character is worthy of emulation!

Which Christian writers and ministers have been influential in your life?

Paul is my favorite author and role model in ministry. Other favorite authors and ministers are John Calvin, the Puritans, Spurgeon, and John MacArthur, Jr.

Pool, beach, lake, river, or waterpark?

Miami beach definitely 


Contact Gabriel:

281-469-6063 x288