Evan Weppler


I grew up in a warm, Christ-following family- my dad Jim, my mom Nancy and my sister Amanda. My dad’s work brought us from Houston to England to Norway and back to Houston over the first 12 years of my life. I chose Jesus as my Savior at an early age and rededicated my life to Him in middle school.  I spent the next 7 years attending Cypress Christian School and serving the children and youth at Cypress Bible Church. Even as a kid, I know God had gifted me to work with younger people!

After graduating high school, I moved on to Baylor University in Waco, TX, where I pursued a BA in an interdisciplinary program and focused on Religion and Communications. During that time I worked summers at Forest Glen Camp as “Counselor Uno” and interned one summer at C BC. Upon graduation in 2012, I traveled up to Chicago, IL for a Masters program in Children and Family Ministries at Wheaton College.

While in the Chicago area, I began attending, serving, interning and eventually working at a small church named Poplar Creek Church, where I oversaw the “Greenhouse Ministries” which focused on helping children and families grow in the love of God.  After a couple years, I sensed God leading me back to the Houston area, and it just so happened that Cypress Bible Church was seeking someone to lead the Elementary Kids Life department!

I have seen God’s hand in my life from childhood through today—in the words of Rich Mullins, “Step by step You lead me, and I will follow You all of my days.”


More About Evan:

What is your favorite dessert and why?

Chocolate cake because I’ve been a chocolate fanatic almost all my life!

Which Biblical character do you identify with most and why?

Abraham, because there have been many times where I’ve had to step out in faith, not knowing what the future held, trusting that God had a plan for me. And He always did—and He always does.

If you were required to attend ComiCon, what costume would you wear?

Captain America, most definitely

Question: Which Christian writers and ministers have been influential in your life?

CS Lewis, Frederick Buechner, Philip Yancey, Brennan Manning, Rich Mullins and Billy Graham have all spoken into my life at various points along my journey.


Contact Evan:

281-469-6063 x235