Eric Martin

Prior to serving as elder at Cypress Bible Church, I served as an elder of Bear Creek Community Church. In that capacity, I was overseer of a number of ministries including Adult discipleship and Small Groups. Not counting high school, I hold degrees from The University of Akron (Bachelor of Science - ChE), Houston Graduate School of Theology (Master of Arts – Theology and Biblical Languages).

My wife, Richie, and I have a son and a daughter who live in Dallas with their spouses. We have one grandson. Richie serves on an Area Team for Bible Study Fellowship as the Children’s Area Coordinator.


More About Eric:

Which Biblical character do you identify with most and why?

Definitely Peter. Matt Chandler recently described the process of becoming more like Jesus as “two steps forward, one step back.” Peter’s inconsistency and yet consistent progress in the faith is an encouragement to me when I take those steps backward.

What is the most unusual non-ministry job you’ve had?

I wouldn’t describe it as unusual, but I made money as a kid by caddying. I learned so much about human nature in that job: like, caddying for the best tipper who also cheated regularly; or the car dealer with a temper who threw his clubs in a lake and looked to me to retrieve them and then carry them for the rest of the round.  

Favorite cartoon character or superhero?

One of my favorite shows was The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show.  I appreciated the creativity that put together a show that appealed equally to kids and adults.  That creativity challenges me to communicate the Gospel message effectively to children and adults alike.


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