Brian Carroll

My early adult life consisted of moving back and forth between ministry and the world of cooking. After graduating from High School, I pursued an Associated degree in Culinary Arts and worked in that field for about 6 years as chef in a private home, and then later as a food service director for a Conference Center and as a caterer. I returned back to school and received my BA degree in Bible Theology – Greek emphasis from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, Illinois. After that I returned to the world of cooking and food. A few years later, I returned to Moody Bible Institute as an employee and met my wife Liz. We moved to Colorado where I attended Denver Seminary and received an MA in Counseling.

My full time ministry life has been in two churches – New Covenant Bible Church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa as Family Life Pastor and at Cypress Bible Church. I have served in several different positions including, Pastor of Elementary Kids & Families, Family Life Pastor and now as Ministry Development Pastor. Our entire family is heavily involved in ministry at Cypress Bible Church. My wife is Elizabeth “Liz” Carroll and she works as a preschool teacher during the weekdays. Ellie is headed to college next year to study sign language for the deaf and enjoys leading worship and assisting kids with special needs. Emma will be starting High School and enjoys the world of dance and serves as a worship leader here at CBC.


More About Brian:

What is your favorite dessert and why?

Carrot Cake and/or Fruitcake. They are loaded with all kinds of surprises and extra goodies. I am one of the few that actually eats the fruitcake and never re-gifts this treasure.

Which Biblical character do you identify with most and why?

Two of my favorite biblical characters (other than Jesus) would be Joseph (OT) and Nehemiah. I grew up in a family that had many challenges and difficulties (as did Joseph) and have appreciated how Joseph did not allow his upbringing to limit him, but looked for the opportunities that God would bring about in spite of his circumstances, “what you intended for evil, God used for good.” I also greatly appreciate Nehemiah and his example of being a leader. I have tried to model much of my ministry life after the principles found in the book of Nehemiah.

Which Christian writers and ministers have been influential in your life?

Although there are many, the ones that stand out are A. W. Tozer (he has helped me to focus on the attributes of God and the loftiness of who God is), Andy Stanley (he has helped me understand the importance of making God’s truth relevant to everyday life), Reggie Joiner (he has led the way in family based ministry and his ministry has validated my calling), Bob Forney (the man who discipled and mentored me and became a replacement father in my early 20s – he helped me to understand that God can use people to make a difference in other’s lives). 


Contact Brian:

281-469-6063 x232