Brenda Croucher

I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior at the age of 10. That decision laid a foundation for a life committed to service. I’ve been a part of the Cypress Bible Church family for over 34 years, spending the past 10 of them on staff as the Women’s Pastor. I attended college at the University of Texas in Austin, where I received a Bachelor of Science in English. After spending four wonderful years in Austin (bearing first-hand witness to a National Championship football season), I made my way back to my hometown of Houston, where I received a Masters in Education from the University of Houston, while doing significant work towards a doctorate.

After college, I married my childhood sweetheart, Lee Croucher (BS – University of Houston), and began a career in education, working as a public school administrator and teacher in Spring Branch ISD. My husband and I just celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary. I ultimately resigned from my position as an elementary school principal to commit time to raising our four children, whom I consider my greatest achievement (if asked, I think you’d find that they all agree with me on this)! During this time, I helped found and served as Director for Noah’s Ark Preschool. Singing hymns is my favorite way to praise the Lord and remember the truths revealed in scripture.


More About Brenda:

Which Biblical character do you identify with most and why?

I identify most with Martha, the older sister of Mary and Lazarus. Like Martha, I am the firstborn child and exhibit leadership skills, tend to be an overachiever, and display perfectionist tendencies--- all developed while trying to “be a good example” for my younger siblings. Unfortunately, like Martha, I get distracted with the details of life and can lose focus. But, like Martha, I am thankful for a loving Savior who is faithful to remind me of His love and grace.

Favorite cartoon character or superhero?

The warrior princess, Wonder Woman, is my favorite superhero. Using her superhuman abilities and weapons, she fights for justice, peace, and love. She can even heal fatal conditions. When I became a mother, I realized that I had to become Wonder Woman. My only wish was to own her Lasso of Truth. Perhaps then I would not have needed the eyes in the back of my head!

When was the last time you feared for your life?

While camping in the Texas Hill Country, my husband and I were caught in a flash flood. In pouring rain and rapidly rising water, I drove our 1955 Chevy truck across what was usually a dry creek bed. Lee swam ahead of me to help guide me across the submerged bridge. Camping is now limited to a stay at the Holiday Inn! 


Contact Brenda:

281-469-6063 x255