Beth Gonzales

After graduating with a BBA in Business and Broadcasting from Baylor University I returned to my hometown of Houston. I held a variety of jobs including working for the Stock Market, an Employment Agency, a Sporting Goods company, an advertising agency and a Radio Station.

My husband, Vidal, and I met while we worked together at the advertising agency. He is a graphic designer and is currently working for Worldmark Corp. We are about to celebrate 29 years of marriage and have two grown children. Ryan, who is pursuing a Marketing Degree from Auburn University and Natalie, who is a Criminal Justice major at Sam Houston State University. I joined the CBC staff in 2005 as Facility Manager after being a stay at home mom for thirteen years. I became the Church Administrator in 2009 and enjoy the variety my job offers and also the problem solving aspect.


More About Beth:

Pool, Beach, Lake, River or Waterpark?

Having been a swim mom for over 13 years, the pool is a home away from home for me. Although my daughter is now a “swammer” I continue to volunteer with her former club team. The smell of chlorine energizes me and some of my favorite memories both as an adult and child are at a pool. One of these days I will perfect a flip turn but until then you can find me on deck with my favorite magazine, a radio and an ice cold glass of tea with lemon.

Favorite cartoon character or superhero?

My favorite cartoon character is hands down Snoopy from the Peanuts comic strip. I have loved this adorable beagle since I was a child. Whether he is the World War I Flying Ace, trying to grab a smooch from Lucy or just performing his “Happy Dance”, Snoopy makes me smile.

Which Biblical character to do identify most with and why?

Ruth is the biblical character I relate most with. My grandmother was named Ruth and my given first name is Ruth. Ruth’s loyalty and determination is what I identify with. Just as Ruth was determined to remain loyal to her mother in law, my mother would say don’t tell Beth she can’t do something because she will prove you wrong. I am extremely loyal and want to help in any way I can. I will do everything in my power for those I love, my friends and family, my job, my God and of course my sports teams. Ruth 1:16…”for where you go, I will go, and where you lodge, I will lodge. Your people shall be my people, and your God, my God”. 


Contact Beth:

281-469-6063 x240