Avalyn Hermond

Before coming on as the Early Childhood Director for Kids Life Ministry I worked for 12 years as a 3 year old Preschool teacher at Noah’s Ark Preschool, our weekday ministry at CBC. It was hard to leave the classroom behind but in this position I get the opportunity to lead adults and still work with kids.

My husband and I have two children. Our son, the oldest is finishing up a degree in Entomology at New Mexico State University. Our daughter recently moved to Missouri and is working on a degree in Education at Missouri Southern State University.


More About Avalyn:

What is your favorite dessert and why?

Anything chocolate. Chocolate can make anything even vegetables taste better.

What is the most unusual non-ministry job you’ve had?

One summer in high school I worked at a butcher shop in Belize. Now I can pick good cuts of meat.

Did you have more trouble learning how to ride a bike, ski, or drive a car and why?

Learning how to ride a bike. After many bruises and scrapes and having that Raleigh(British heavy bikes) fall on me, I decided it was not worth it since I did not have my own bike at the time.  


Contact Avalyn:

281-469-6063 x233